Friday, June 7, 2013

NBRecords releases Tanner Olin Smith Tape!

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"We are happy to announce that these tapes are officially finished and ready for order. They look and sound really great. All orders over the weekend will be shipped on Monday. Thanks!



Sunday, April 15, 2012

If your Marriage sucks, get divorced! Obviously.

At 2 years old, my parents divorced due to my Dad’s realizations that he was homosexual. From that point on, my sister and I were raised entirely by my mother, and my father moved two hours south to begin a new chapter of self-discovery. Of course, with me beginning my cognitive years, I was far too young to understand the impact of a divorce on a family. The amount of stress & confusion my mother must have felt during that time would be enough to break the average soul, and when time proved that it would not break her, she turned into one of the strongest human beings I’ve ever known. She handled the divorce and my dad’s outing seemingly coolly like Jackie Chan would handle 700 enemies with ease. She is now happily married to someone she has been seeing for over 15 years.

My mother got full-custody after the divorce, and my sister and I lived a relatively normal life growing up in a small town in northern Maine. My mom made her living by being a social worker. Every other weekend my sister and I would travel 2 hours south to Portland (the major city in our state) to visit my father for the weekend. I remember absolutely loving his presence as a child (and I still do to this day). He had a natural knack at teaching us to be ourselves, because he himself is so true to himself. He taught me the importance of imagination & creativity at a very early age. He taught me how it is 100 percent OK to be yourself, and to never let someone tell you that you cannot do anything. He brought us to open-mic shows, theatre events (which he usually played lead roles in), & exposed us to many political and social events/rallies. These were things that we would never get exposed to while living in northern Maine. The culture back home was so dry and boring. My father served as the vehicle to find art & open-mindedness that every child needs. He had a way of making my sister & I roll on the floor laughing until our stomachs were tied in knots and we became red in the face. I remember the sights and smells of my father’s apartment as well. Hot glue guns, wood shavings and paint were scattered throughout his living spaces. He was a struggling artist, living in single-bedroom apartments in Portland & working as a teacher for the Gifted & Talented programs in nearby schools.

By the age of 6 or 7 my sister and I were involved in gay pride parades, saw a handful of full-grown men in dresses, and also saw my father live happily with another man. I grew a natural acceptance and awareness of gay life. I never said the word 'faggot' in school like the others, and the idea of disliking someone due to their sexual orientation just never made sense. Meanwhile, my mother was in the beginning stages of a relationship that would go on to turn into a happy marriage of 15 years & counting. Both of my parent’s lives were changing for the better after the divorce. Though the initial pains must have been excruciating, the payoff of their honesty certainly came in time.

Most view divorce as a taboo or horrible thing, but last year my sister and I had a conversation discussing the positive aspects of the divorce. We discussed that if our parents stayed together, just for the sake of their image in the community, then our lives would be drastically different (and in a horrifying way)! We would have undoubtedly been taught that denying yourself is A-OK, we would have subconsciously picked up on the methods of unhealthy, dishonest & conflicting relationships. This whole ‘stay together for the kids’ mentality is absolute garbage and needs to be addressed.

Why do many adults convince themselves that it is an OK idea to lie to themselves & their family by displaying a phony image of happiness & contentment? It’s seen in many drama television shows & movies these days. Most people seem to accept dishonesty as a natural characteristic of a human being. It is not! Allow honesty to reign supreme over any other aspect of your life, and you’ll find that this experience of life can be awfully light & easy-going. The beautiful thing about a divorce is that the individuals involved are able to be honest enough with themselves to recognize & accept the fact that the dynamics within their relationship were not what they had imagined. They are fearless enough to accept change and move their lives into a more positive and healthy direction. Rant over //// -J

Monday, April 2, 2012

AO Zine #2 Officially Available!

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The 2nd Issue is available for order for $3 here:

This issue features interviews with:


It also features music reviews with Ryan Lowell.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Interview with Duncan Trussell

You can read my interview with Duncan in full by clicking the following link:

Please order the 2nd issue of the AO zine when it is available, sometime in the next few weeks. Thank you.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sea King - Sonic Substance (tape release)


Another cry to legalize Marijuana

Marijuana should be legal. For medicinal & recreational use. It’s a plant. How did a plant become illegal? Well, the illegalization of it came out of fear and misinformation. For centuries, civilizations and cultures throughout the entire world have been using marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. There have been zero deaths related to this drug in the entire span of human history. Never has anyone overdosed or lashed out in an act of violence due to the effects of marijuana. Many of those who smoke marijuana regularly, believe that the drug promotes methods of positive thinking, higher states of consciousness or understanding and some say it strengthens their spirituality. If marijuana were legalized it would benefit our economy, crime would decrease and the overall well being of our society would be a bit healthier.

In 2003 the annual cause of death from something that was alcohol induced (according to was 23,199. The amount of deaths caused by marijuana was 0. Why is it that we accept, legalize and distribute intoxication via alcohol (dangerous & destructive) but not marijuana? Alcohol impairs one’s mental functions so strongly that one is liable to lose all motor function, vomit, lose control of emotions and cause harm to others and oneself. Alcohol is also a depressant, which means through excessive use, it will cause damage to our emotional, physical and psychiatric well-being. The facts don’t add up. Something is fucked and we all know it.

The reason these problems exist is because society has perpetuated ludicrous and illogical information about marijuana into the majority of the population. Most people who oppose the plant are those who have not experienced it, so they tend to believe the information the media delivers to them. Reefer Madness is a prime example of the media exaggerating effects of marijuana. That film struck so much fear into the majority of America that our view towards the plant became so skewed from the truth. The propaganda made it seem that the plant would destroy the country and would turn peoples children into heroin addicts in seconds flat.

I take a look at our society and think about all the ways the media can manipulate the truth. Being a student that will most likely get a job directly involved with some sort of media, I hope I can change a few things. The truth needs to get out there and the lies and unneeded fear tactics need to be eradicated. The past decade has shown many traits of acceptance and awareness of marijuana’s positive effects. California for example has decriminalized the possession of marijuana and has made it legal for a resident to receive medical marijuana for virtually anything. Other states have followed suit in the decriminalization (including Maine), and a handful of others also offer marijuana as a legal medicine. Maine does allow marijuana cards to be issued, but the rules to obtain a card are a lot more strict than the rules in California. To obtain a card in Maine you must suffer from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, HIV and AIDs. Yet the drug should not just be limited to these diseases. It should be a medicine that could be used for pain, such as a Tylenol. It should be able to be obtained by people who suffer from insomnia or irregular sleep patterns. It should also be able to be obtained by those who suffer from anxiety. Marijuana is known to reduce hypertension in the nervous system, can help reduce chronic pain, and studies are being done on whether or not the claims of it being able to eradicate cancer cells is legitimate.

All in all, the legalization of marijuana is a pressing issue in today’s society. Some cultures are strictly opposed to it, with oppressive laws towards anyone who possesses it; yet, some cultures completely accept it and appreciate its positive effects, such as the Netherlands. India allows its sale for some Hindu rituals, and Iranians use the seeds as food. I hope to see that within the next decade it is 100% decriminalized and at least available to anyone who feels they may need it for medical assistance.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Interview w/Jim Domenici of The Fake Boys & Hammer Bros!


AO: Hi Jim. For starters, I want to ask what's going on in your world? What is new?

JD: Eh, same old shit... I just got home from a years worth of touring, I got married and I just finished writing a new Fake Boys record. Now I'm playing Skyrim and getting ready to do it all over again. 

AO: What can you tell me about the new Fake Boys album titled Pig Factory? How does it differ from earlier releases?

JD: The biggest difference is that we are a better band all around and I am obviously a better songwriter now then when the band first formed. This record seems to be what the band has been trying to write since day one and it's the record I've been trying to write since I was 14. We've had to deal with a lot of shit in terms of finding our niche/sound - but we've definitely put all that to rest.

The thing that has bothered me most over the past 4 years is the incorrect assumption that we're trying to be a traditional pop-punk band. NO ONE hates 3-chord pop punk/ramones-core more than I do - reason being that NOT ONE Ramones-core band actually SOUNDS LIKE THE RAMONES!

For anyone who bothered to jam our last 7" Nice Knowing You on Kiss of Death, this upcoming LP will pick up right where that left off. It's heavy 90's ish alternative/pop with a heavy 60's rock influence. Imagine it being a record influenced by 90's alternative/pop and heavy 60's rock...All the while being played by 80's hardcore nerds. Imagine Negative Approach trying to write the first two Weezer records or some shit. It's warm, catchy, and dead serious.

For people who fail to understand the way rock & roll works (which is pretty much everyone except you and I), you usually don't hit the nail on the head right off the bat, or as I like to say...YOU DON'T TOUR ON A DEMO. This LP is us finding our sound completely, this is us smashing the fuck out of the nail, this is our fucking band. I learned how to be in bands by watching The Beatles and The Ramones growing up, and I've spent the past 29 years of my life trying to do what they did. I love every aspect of rock & roll, I play guitar 5 hours a fucking day, and I couldn't be any prouder that my "I want to hold your hand" has evolved into my "and your bird can sing". If that isn't enough to make most of you feel stupid, suck this...Rubber Soul WAS NOT The Beatles first record. The Fake Boys Pig Factory will be the most honest LP of the year.

AO: I may be out of the loop - is there anything going on with Hammmer Bros?

JD: We broke up a year and a half ago but we played a reunion this past Halloween. We did all Misfits covers, no original jams. 

AO: I remember once when we were hanging out frequently - we ate food at some restaurant in boston and then happened to fall into some sort of crazy intelligent/ deep conversation within minutes. Does this happen with you regularly? Who have been some writers/philsophers/thinkers etc. that influence your outlook on life?

JD: Dude, that was a great night... I think about it all the time. it definitely happens a lot, but it's a reflection of the type of people i like to hang out with. My friends and I don't think the same so we learn a lot from each other, and learning is one of the only forms of stimulation that truly gets me excited. When I'm hanging with someone new I like to engage in conversation and push that person to bring out their best thoughts and qualities.

In terms of writers/philosophers/thinkers I really dig Nietzsche, Thomas Paine, Betrand Russel, Kerouac, and John Lennon. When I was finishing up college I came to the conclusion that I would never use my degree because I didn't support the justice system in which I would have to work, so I picked up a philosophy minor to feel like I was actually getting something out of my education. My life changed forever and John Lennon, he's been speaking to me since I was a little boy who would wake up at 4 am and blast his fisher price record player. To be perfectly honest, my father is my biggest influence; he just knows how to live. During one of my last classes when I was finishing up my degree I was asked "What is the most important thing your Father ever taught you?", my answer: The Ramones. What else needs to be said?

AO: Any thoughts on this presidential candidate stuff?

JD: I added one of my old high school english teachers on Facebook. He mentioned that to stop reading or watching the news was the best thing he had ever done. I soon did the same.

What can you tell me about your touring schedule in 2012?

JD: When this record drops we are gone, forever... don't sleep.