Sea King - Hazy Dream (review)

SEA KING  - Hazy Dream Album Review (Nomadic Behavior Records). In a music video shot for the song “I Don’t Wanna Lose My Mind,” Jake Newcomb carries a lantern through Battery Steele, the cave like former military base on Peak’s Island, lighting up the graffiti that decorates the walls as he walks through the empty corridors. It’s fitting imagery for “Hazy Dream,” Newcomb’s third album-long search for illumination via various philosophies, religions, and dreams, which he recorded as Sea King.

     A Maine native who traded the Portland in Maine for the one in Oregon, Newcomb’s music has always felt as comfortable travelling between genres as the name of his self-created Nomadic Behavior Records suggests. As with previous Sea King albums, 

“Hazy Dream” is unified by overarching themes of self-betterment, spirituality, and the meaning of life more than it is by any particular sound.

     Over the years, Newcomb has become adept at layering samples, vocal effects and backing instrumentation …

NBRecords releases Tanner Olin Smith Tape!

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"We are happy to announce that these tapes are officially finished and ready for order. They look and sound really great. All orders over the weekend will be shipped on Monday. Thanks!



If your Marriage sucks, get divorced! Obviously.

At 2 years old, my parents divorced due to my Dad’s realizations that he was homosexual.From that point on, my sister and I were raised entirely by my mother, and my father moved two hours south to begin a new chapter of self-discovery.Of course, with me beginning my cognitive years, I was far too young to understand the impact of a divorce on a family. The amount of stress & confusion my mother must have felt during that time would be enough to break the average soul, and when time proved that it would not break her, she turned into one of the strongest human beings I’ve ever known. She handled the divorce and my dad’s outing seemingly coolly like Jackie Chan would handle 700 enemies with ease.She is now happily married to someone she has been seeing for over 15 years.My mother got full-custody after the divorce, and my sister and I lived a relatively normal life growing up in a small town in northern Maine.My mom made her living by being a social worker.Every other weekend my si…

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Interview with Duncan Trussell

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Sea King - Sonic Substance (tape release)


Another cry to legalize Marijuana

Marijuana should be legal. For medicinal & recreational use. It’s a plant.How did a plant become illegal?Well, the illegalization of it came out of fear and misinformation.For centuries, civilizations and cultures throughout the entire world have been using marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use.There have been zero deaths related to this drug in the entire span of human history.Never has anyone overdosed or lashed out in an act of violence due to the effects of marijuana.Many of those who smoke marijuana regularly, believe that the drug promotes methods of positive thinking, higher states of consciousness or understanding and some say it strengthens their spirituality. If marijuana were legalized it would benefit our economy, crime would decrease and the overall well being of our society would be a bit healthier.In 2003 the annual cause of death from something that was alcohol induced (according to was 23,199.The amount of deaths caused by marijuana …