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Sea King - Hazy Dream (review)

SEA KING  - Hazy Dream Album Review (Nomadic Behavior Records). In a music video shot for the song “I Don’t Wanna Lose My Mind,” Jake Newcomb carries a lantern through Battery Steele, the cave like former military base on Peak’s Island, lighting up the graffiti that decorates the walls as he walks through the empty corridors. It’s fitting imagery for “Hazy Dream,” Newcomb’s third album-long search for illumination via various philosophies, religions, and dreams, which he recorded as Sea King.

     A Maine native who traded the Portland in Maine for the one in Oregon, Newcomb’s music has always felt as comfortable travelling between genres as the name of his self-created Nomadic Behavior Records suggests. As with previous Sea King albums, 

“Hazy Dream” is unified by overarching themes of self-betterment, spirituality, and the meaning of life more than it is by any particular sound.

     Over the years, Newcomb has become adept at layering samples, vocal effects and backing instrumentation …