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IREPRESS Samus Octology and GRAILS Take Refuge In Clean Living


This record holds some very intricate song writing and stands in at a whopping 45 minutes (8 songs total). Each song seems to morph into the next, it is easy to find yourself not fully realizing when you've moved to the next track. A lot of repetitive elements in the song writing (but I don't find it boring!). Each instrument hold's it's own on this record and brings it's own creative element to the table. Clean to distorted guitar tones. Dreamy to extremely focused music structures. This album moves from one idea to the next abruptly yet smoothly. Recommended.
It may take a couple listens for someone unfamiliar with this style to really enjoy it for what it is.


I am somewhat new to this band. I watched them play this summer at The Middle East in Cambridge with Nadja and another opener. A 4-piece group that combine a …

Tides From Nebula

there's some good stuff here. check 'em out. they seem to be at a more underground level right now. they formed in january of this year and are labeled as 'unsigned'.

for fans of Isis, Pink Floyd (yeah i said pink floyd), Irepress, Mogwai-esque bands.

post-rock with psychedelic like elements, and some distortion that can give the guitars a good variety of tones, and effective sound. i'm feeling it. This is all instrumental by the way, so don't sit there waiting for the vocals to come in, or you'll be sitting for a while. Enjoy it from start to finish, for what it is, another emotional blast of music from 4 talented musicians.


Here's some stuff...


Fall is coming to Maine, this music is ideal (at least that's my opinion). This album is a solo project from apparently some black metal band. I dont really care too much for Black Metal so I can't give details on it. However, it is very harmonic, and well composed music. I listened to this a lot last year and enjoyed it. Apparently this entire record is a concept album about this guys fantasy world he lived in when he was a child (which also gives a little bit more meaning to the sound samples of children laughing and playing in one song). Sweet.

"That album helped define a generation." - My boss at Dr.Records. This band helped create and progress psychadelic music to an all new height. They changed and influenced a lot of things, I would highly recommend adding this to your collecti…
Last night was the darkest it’s been in a while. It came completely out of nowhere. Head down on the bed, body crumbled, gone weak, systems automatically shut-down. Pretty sure it was close to what may be considered as a panic attack.
It is within these moments when I realize how damaged of a human being I can become. My thoughts have always had ways of getting the best of me. Lately, I’ve been lying in bed at night, alone, realizing how real the feeling of solitude is becoming. Throughout time it only thickens, deepens and grows darker. I imagine myself five years from now as if I was to continue living my life to the ways that I have. I become completely nauseated. Encompassed with fear, regret and hopelessness, I wish for everything to just be over with. A quick escape and release.
Last night I understood a new truth. One of the worst pains in this world is knowing you are far off from where you want to be. This is the feeling of defeat. This is the feeling o…