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3 albums.

One day I'll do a massive upload thread. But this will have to do for now. Here are 3 albums I've been listening to a lot lately.

*Links for downloads are found below cover image and description.


stoner rock/ambient/doom. this band has been on HEAVY rotation for me as of lately, I completely love this EP. this album has 4 songs and is 33 minutes long. No six-stringed guitar either, just a 2-piece band of bass drums and vocals.


Current black metal Gods. Completely technical writing styles. Very harmonic. All songs relate to nature making this album perfect for a long night of chopping wood out in the woods and drinking whiskey by the campfire. Jon and I talked briefly about this band tonight so I thought I'd throw up an album.


Chance are you probably already know whats up with this band. It took me a while to ever really…

Art (Street/Animation/Portrait)

Yeah, its been a while since an update. I'm stuck here in a 3 hour class bored as all hell so I figured I'd do something somewhat 'productive' and update this. I'm just going to post some photos of some old favorites and newly found street art pieces, as well as 2 paintings from Dan Witz and a pretty mind blowing stop motion video from the street artist "Blu." Hope you enjoy...

This guys is probably my current favorite artist that I know of, all of his stuff is awesome. Sometimes pretty simple, yet complexly strange.

walking from blu on Vimeo.

fantoche from blu on Vimeo.

Letter A from blu on Vimeo.

Julian Beever: The best to ever do 3D work...All of his stuff is done with chalk and on flat surfaces.

Dan Witz :

WWW.STREETSY.COM - Updates daily with American Street Art/Graff

Alright I've got a break in class so I'm going to take it. I didn't take in a god damn word of w…