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I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been rather different and at times hectic these days. I am currently living on an air mattress in friends living rooms. I have a 2-month gap between apartments and am becoming a nomad more and more by the day. I'm working 2 jobs, one as a valet driver, and another as a cashier at a local record store.

More updates once the storm settles.

Uzi - Sleep Asylum

Here is a more obscure one. I've never heard anyone ever speak about this band. I found this CD one day in a dusty pile at a record store I used to work at in Maine. Noisey, post-punk/shoe-gazey stuff.

Here's what LastFM has to say about UZI:
The American Uzi was a ten-handed combo that burned briefly but brightly in the fertile post-Burma Boston music scene of the mid-1980's. Its founding members were drummer Danny Lee and guitarist/singer/lyricist Thalia Zedek. The basic stylistic conflict between Thalia's garage-based rock 'n' roll background and Danny's more high-tech, modernistic approach gave the group much of its unique edge and led, as well, to its early demise.


1) Criminal Child
2) Pale Light
3) Gabrielle
4) Ha-Ha-Ha
5) Collections
6) Underneath


For fans of: My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Slowdive etc.

Witchcraft - S/T


Ween - Best Of

So...Here is the result of spare time and my desire to show my love towards the best band in the Universe. Ween.
I have compiled a list of what I believe is Weens best material. I almost put on a couple tracks from their early demos but decided against it. If anyone wants their more rare demo tapes such as the Squeegie LP or Axis: Bold As Boognish, you say the word and I'll upload them.
So yeah, here it is. A compilation of my favorite Ween tracks from 6 different albums.
Album is stated in parentheses.

1. The Mollusk (The Mollusk)
2. Polka Dot Tail (The Mollusk)
3. Buckingham Green (The Mollusk)
4. Ocean Man (The Mollusk)
5. The Argus (Quebec)
6. Happy Colored Marbles (Quebec)
7. Tried And True (Quebec)
8. Transdermal Celebration (Quebec)
9. You Fucked Up (GodWeenSatan)
10. Fat Lenny (GodWeenSatan)
11. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) (Chocolate And Cheese)
12. Joppa Road (Chocolate And Cheese)
13. HIV Song (Chocolate And Cheese)
14. What Deaner Was Talking About (Chocolate And C…