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Interview w/Jim Domenici of The Fake Boys & Hammer Bros!

AO: Hi Jim. For starters, I want to ask what's going on in your world? What is new?JD:Eh, same old shit... I just got home from a years worth of touring, I got married and I just finished writing a new Fake Boys record. Now I'm playing Skyrim and getting ready to do it all over again. 
 AO:What can you tell me about the new Fake Boys album titled Pig Factory? How does it differ from earlier releases?JD:The biggest difference is that we are a better band all around and I am obviously a better songwriter now then when the band first formed. This record seems to be what the band has been trying to write since day one and it's the record I've been trying to write since I was 14. We've had to deal with a lot of shit in terms of finding our niche/sound - but we've definitely put all that to rest. The thing that has bothered me most over the past 4 years is the incorrect assumption that we're trying to be a…