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New Elder CD is out

Been waiting on this one for a while. Here is some great stoner metal from the Boston area. New release on Meteor City Records.

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Colour Haze - Tempel


some recordings

Over the past couple months I've been moving along at a sluggish pace recording some songs. It's hard to say exactly what I'm going for but it's far different from anything I've done before.
An old friend of mine, Travis Davis and I have been meaning to jam for a while now. Today we did. I brought my macbook and put it in the room and pressed record. I put a couple things up that I liked. I still have yet to listen to all of the recordings (some DO have drums). They arent perfect, but not bad for an improv/first practice.

Let me know what you think.
Finally got this thing in the mail today. This is a 4-piece from Texas playing some good post-hardcore/grunge rock. Unfortunately the demo came with no artwork or lyric sheets, just the tape itself.

Production – I’m assuming this was done on a 4-track. Pretty lo-fi and noisy (but not distractingly so), very bassy and heavy. Clean vocals throughout the whole demo with some nice back ups as well. An awesome sound for a demo.

The A Side:Saving Face brings in a catchy repetitive riff that reminds me of something off of Nirvana’s Bleach album with a little Melvins-esque sound in there as well. The song is pretty standard, which in this case is not a bad thing at all. The band knows what they are doing and they do it well.

The B Side:Grove starts out with a brief melodic guitar/bass segment, then comes some piercing feedback followed by drums kicking in a very sludgey hypnotizing jam. When the vocals come in I am immediately reminded of the …

Malice In Wonderland, Mark Twain animations

New Tides track posted...

Tides. If you know me you've probably heard me blab about this band before. An instrumetal (I think I just coined that term) band hailing from Providence, RI. My friend Jonah puts out their music on Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records. Tides have put out three releases now, including a split CD with Giant; this upcoming record will be their fourth. I've been told that this new one is much heavier than their previous releases, but from listening to this new song they have uploaded, I couldn't tell much of a difference. A lot of the same elements in song writing are in place. Dreamy, droney, melancholy guitar riffs build up at a snails pace to an eventual climax and then come back down to usually a fade out. It's late, and I'm not typing right. I'll edit this tomorrow or something. But in the meantime, check out their new track up on the page titled "untitled"


Charge, New Jersey Hardcore

Think Leeway, Rage Against The Machine, and Burn...

Reaper Records

I Rise (Worcester, MA Hardcore)

What happens when the kids from youthxattack start growing up? I truly believe this is one of the few bands that successfully pull of the burn/quicksand sound in 2008. Out of Worcester, Mass. Fucking ridiculously heavy, mind bending riffs. Angry for the right reason vocals, good lyrics, good music all around.
Awesome live band too I might add.

and WOW, Aaron Bedard guest vocals on track titled "See No Evil"...fucking intense.

Listen here:

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Torche - Meanderthal (2008)

Ever since I saw these guys at the Middle East this summer with Boris, I’ve been meaning to pick up this record. The tour was in support of this album and although they played below Boris in the line up, I found them much more entertaining. But that’s beside the point, I’ve got the CD now and have just finished listening to it for the first time in it’s entirety.

I like it. It’s not the epic album I was expecting, but I enjoyed it. Torche has really seemed to carve out their own sound. Very heavy and sludgey at times but also blends a very poppy sound to it that gives it a flavor you really don’t find in many other groups (feel free to tell me otherwise). The vocals are clean throughout the entire album which is a nice difference between these guys and most bands that take on the whole “stoner rock” title.

Some tracks stick out to me more than others, for example, “Grenades” is almost hypnotizing and their sludgy as fuck outro titled “Meanderthall” made me want to sto…