Torche - Meanderthal (2008)

Ever since I saw these guys at the Middle East this summer with Boris, I’ve been meaning to pick up this record. The tour was in support of this album and although they played below Boris in the line up, I found them much more entertaining. But that’s beside the point, I’ve got the CD now and have just finished listening to it for the first time in it’s entirety.

I like it. It’s not the epic album I was expecting, but I enjoyed it. Torche has really seemed to carve out their own sound. Very heavy and sludgey at times but also blends a very poppy sound to it that gives it a flavor you really don’t find in many other groups (feel free to tell me otherwise). The vocals are clean throughout the entire album which is a nice difference between these guys and most bands that take on the whole “stoner rock” title.

Some tracks stick out to me more than others, for example, “Grenades” is almost hypnotizing and their sludgy as fuck outro titled “Meanderthall” made me want to stomp around my living room like a god damn ape.

Sometimes I think this band plays with broken strings, giving them some of the heaviest, gut wrenching bass and distortion I have heard. How are they live? They put on an awesome show, and each member goes off throughout their entire set. I met their guitarist the night of the middle east show, told him I liked their sound, and we started talking about some 90’s hardcore that is a major influence to him in song writing. He mentioned bands like Underdog and Into Another, which definitely hear in their music. I’m glad this is now a part of my music collection and will probably be listening to it frequently within the next few weeks, however I think there is potential for something greater from this band…

For fans of : Floor, Baroness, Melvins, Helmet, Quicksand, Into Another, Kylesa, and other bands that make interesting mixes of hardcore, metal, and pop rock stuff, check this one out.



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