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Holy Sons - I Want To Live A Peaceful Life

'Holy Sons' is the brainchild of Emil Amos. Amos is most well known for his drumming in the band Grails. He has also just recently become half of the famous duo that is Om. However, Holy Sons puts of a different sound than his other outfits. Hard to nail down, indie-rockish but not cliche or predictable. Warm sounds, creative writing and hypnotizing songs all together.


On Atheist Belief...

In my World Religion Class we were told to write a paper on any topic related to religion in anyway. I chose Atheist belief for whatever reason. It's a rough draft and I feel as though it's not saying what I want it to say. In fact, at times I feel like it's saying things I DONT want it to say, but I figured I'd post it on here for the hell of it. It sucks that Blogger cannot copy and paste indentations, italics, bold-face and all that other cool shit, because I'm too lazy to go back into this and put them in there.


Atheism is the disbelief in a God or all deities. People who hold these beliefs are known as Atheists. I would like to address the fact that I myself do not claim the label of Atheism, although the ideas and writings behind it all deeply fascinate me. I suppose society would label me as an "agnostic" due to the fact that I am very skeptical about most common religious belief, yet at the same time, I do not doubt the idea of a superior being. …