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Enough Is Enough Comp out in March 2010

"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH is a free online compilation to be released in March
2010 in support of gay rights. Forty punk, hardcore, and indie bands are contributing to this cause, including Shook Ones, This Is Hell, The Effort, Transit, Make Do And Mend, Hostage Calm, Balance, Jake Newcomb, Composure and many, many more. All donat...ions will be directed towards, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the policy that denies the rights for gays to marry.
Right now, we have two songs up that will be featured on the comp; "Order Form" by Shook Ones, originally on their 2007 split with Easel as well as an anthem for the Prop 8 debates last November, and we have "Pride" by Tampa Bay hardcore band Reveal The Truth. More will be added as the date gets closer, so keep checking back for updates!"
-Paul of Enough Is Enough Comp

2 New Releases, 2 New Reviews

It's been a while.

I finally got the new Isis and the newest Baroness.


I've only had the chance to listen to it once through, but really enjoyed it. Same structure in writing, growling vocals matched with heavy guitars to clean and ambient, trancey sections. I saw them play this last summer with Pelican, they were flawless. I mean flawless. The production is amazing, the dynamics are outstanding and the progression of this band is something to admire.



What an awesome follow-up to the Red Album. I'm still not sure which one I prefer. Very interesting sounds on this one. The guitar tones are super fuzzed out and spacey. Something progressive on this album I've noticed is the use of acoustic guitars mixed in with distortion. Very similar style to Mastodon's "Crack The Skye" record that came out earlier this year. Who's heard …