Uzi - Sleep Asylum

Here is a more obscure one. I've never heard anyone ever speak about this band. I found this CD one day in a dusty pile at a record store I used to work at in Maine. Noisey, post-punk/shoe-gazey stuff.

Here's what LastFM has to say about UZI:
The American Uzi was a ten-handed combo that burned briefly but brightly in the fertile post-Burma Boston music scene of the mid-1980's. Its founding members were drummer Danny Lee and guitarist/singer/lyricist Thalia Zedek. The basic stylistic conflict between Thalia's garage-based rock 'n' roll background and Danny's more high-tech, modernistic approach gave the group much of its unique edge and led, as well, to its early demise.


1) Criminal Child
2) Pale Light
3) Gabrielle
4) Ha-Ha-Ha
5) Collections
6) Underneath


For fans of: My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Slowdive etc.


Anonymous said…
Hi, been looking for this for ages, so very glad to find it.
Haven't really ever known anyone else who knew who Uzi were, and since losing my vinyl copy I have had an empty feeling, especially when walking about at night after a snow.
Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said…
I saw them in Boston in '85 - a truly great band. America is full of unsung heroes.........
I'm glad you both found something rare here. I haven't listened to this one for a while, I'll revisit it soon. They must have been a great live act too.
It's true, America really does have a lot of unsung and under-appreciated groups.
Anonymous said…
I got that 12" EP, with a press release. This is the text of it :

UZI are 4 people from Boston :Thalia, Bob, Danny and Phil. Thalia is sort-of-almost-famous 'cause she was once the singer/guitarist fot the Dangerous Birds (a fine 7" and scattered compilation tracks still available on Propellor) who made a slight splash on the east coast during their brief tenure. Phil put out vinyl under the tag Pep Lester (7" on Iridescence last year) along with members of Christmas, Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic as well as being the ex-publisher of the Velvets tribute 'zine What Goes On.
The story we heard about Bob and Dany said that UZI was their first "real" band, and that prior experience was limited to Top 40 cover stuff (weddings, etc...)
UZI began in Allston, MA in late 1984. Early gigs in Boston garnered a favorable reaction from local press and radio types, and early version of "Gabrielle" and "Pale Light" were constant staples on local radios. Gigs in and outside Boston with bands like Jesus & Mary Chain, Scraping Foetus Of The Wheel and Big Black solidified the band's spreading reputation.
These days UZI are what we in the business like to call "on vacation". The drummer has left the band leading to speculation as to wheter or not the band will continue.
While we're optimistic of a UZI reunion we also hope that "Sleep Asylum" will receive the attention it deserves.

Thalia Zedek - vocals, guitar
Phil Milstein - tapes
Irv Ziskind - bass
Danny Lee - drums
Bob Young - guitar.

Greetings from Belgium.

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