Art (Street/Animation/Portrait)

Yeah, its been a while since an update. I'm stuck here in a 3 hour class bored as all hell so I figured I'd do something somewhat 'productive' and update this. I'm just going to post some photos of some old favorites and newly found street art pieces, as well as 2 paintings from Dan Witz and a pretty mind blowing stop motion video from the street artist "Blu." Hope you enjoy...

This guys is probably my current favorite artist that I know of, all of his stuff is awesome. Sometimes pretty simple, yet complexly strange.

walking from blu on Vimeo.

fantoche from blu on Vimeo.

Letter A from blu on Vimeo.

Julian Beever: The best to ever do 3D work...All of his stuff is done with chalk and on flat surfaces.

Dan Witz :

WWW.STREETSY.COM - Updates daily with American Street Art/Graff

Alright I've got a break in class so I'm going to take it. I didn't take in a god damn word of what my teacher just said in this lecture. Fuck it, schools out in 2 weeks anyways.


Anonymous said…
"Blu" has some pretty sick stuff. I've always been amazed with Julian Beever's 3D stuff. He's so good. Have you ever seen any of Banksy's artwork? He's a British street artist. His website doesn't have shit on it; I don't even think its run by him, but Google 'Banksy' and see what you find under images. His main theme is rats, but he does some other things, too. I have a book on him.

-Jess H
Jake said…
Yeah, Banksy is real cool. My sister got me into him a while back. I've skimmed through his books at Borders but never had the balls to spend all the $$ on him.

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