IREPRESS Samus Octology and GRAILS Take Refuge In Clean Living


This record holds some very intricate song writing and stands in at a whopping 45 minutes (8 songs total). Each song seems to morph into the next, it is easy to find yourself not fully realizing when you've moved to the next track. A lot of repetitive elements in the song writing (but I don't find it boring!). Each instrument hold's it's own on this record and brings it's own creative element to the table. Clean to distorted guitar tones. Dreamy to extremely focused music structures. This album moves from one idea to the next abruptly yet smoothly. Recommended.
It may take a couple listens for someone unfamiliar with this style to really enjoy it for what it is.


I am somewhat new to this band. I watched them play this summer at The Middle East in Cambridge with Nadja and another opener. A 4-piece group that combine a variety of styles and playing techniques. What I first noticed was the evident southern sound to their music. Very slow and droney at times, hypnotic and spiritual sounding, by the use of sliding guitars. Their 'frontman' from what I can gather plays bass as well as a small keyboard setup with a variety of effects; this gives them the freedom to get pretty ambient and experimental at times. Opening with a track titled "Stoned at the Taj again" this EP stands in at 35 minutes long (5 songs total). I smoked some weed to this one, and sat in the music for a while. Pretty spacey stuff. For fans of Om, Isis, Tides and tunes that are as much spiritually demanding as they are musically.
*Side Note : The drummer of Grails, Emil Amos, has recently replaced Chris Hakius's position as drummer in the 2-piece that is Om. Om has released one 7" record since Hakius replacement, titled "Gebel Barkal" (which I may upload sometime soon if anyone is interested), and people expect another release sometime soon from them.


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