I’ve known Dave for a while now. Although we used to see each other more often than we do now we keep up to date via the internet. Conversations with this guy are always well enjoyed. This was a random spur of the moment idea to ask him some questions for the blog while we were both at work. This was the result of such an idea.

Jake: Alright Davey lets take the train to retard town shall we?
Dave: Sounds good to me

Jake: How long have you been breathing? Do you remember how or when we met? ‘Cause I don’t.
Dave: 30 years 5 months and 13 days

Jake: Okay, I'll go ahead and assume we're skipping that second part of the question.
Dave: I think we met at a doldrums show. I mean I had seen you before then, but I’m pretty sure I met you at maybe one of your first shows.

Jake: Right on...For a while you seemed somewhat involved in the music scene ‘round these parts. You seemed to have plummeted out of it over the past year and it’s not very uncommon for myself to be walking down the street and hear people muttering under their breath “Whatever happened to Dave Davis?”…Well, what did happen to Dave Davis?
Dave: Dave grew up.

Jake: What caused the fiery downfall of the one and only Abaddon Records?
Dave: Personal greed and egos. The stupidity of the members of the record industry, bands, and Abaddon staff.

Jake: Now it’s time to cut the small talk and bite into the real meat on the table. In the philosophical mind of Dave…Why are we here? Is there any sort of redeeming quality in mankind?
Dave: I think this is a prison planet

Jake: Go on...
Dave: We are forced to live over and over again in senselessness due to some ancient evil where we wronged the galaxy and can never advance again to Universal status.

Jake: That sounds haunting...are any groups of people backing you on this theory, or does this remain a solitary and strictly personal belief?
Dave: Oh it’s just my theory of the moment but there are many other believers such as Alex Jones, David Icke, and most Scientologists.

Jake: The Mayans made many apocalyptic predictions regarding the year 2012, do you have any sort of input or viewpoint on these statements?
Dave: I bet a lot of beer will be drunk that year. I don’t really care if the world ends; if it does it does. It doesn’t make any difference if it is 2012 or tomorrow, and who is to say that anything really ever ends? Time is an abstract concept. It is a human function. I don’t believe anything can be based on time. Quantum physicists are really starting to doubt the validity of time. Everything could possibly be occurring at the same “time”, or the opposite when nothing could ever be truly occurring.

Jake: What a perfect segway to my next question. What drugs have you experimented with throughout the years, if you have?
Dave: Marijuana, Peyote, Mescaline, PCP, Acid, Cocaine, Crack…
Dave: Maybe a few random uppers and downers, but I haven’t done any of that in a while. That time I smoked pot with you doesn’t even really count.

Jake: How strong is your personal relationship with Satan?
Dave: I don't think that we have one. I have tried to meet him several times and ways to no result. Derek Madden is the better one to ask that question. Derek Madden may be Satan. Except in this life his mother drank too much while she was pregnant.

Jake: We'll get to Derek Madden, don't jump the gun. What are your summer plans looking like?
Dave: I don't have any
Jake: Sounds exciting.
Dave: Probably chill on my boat, fish, drink beer and work.

Any recommended fishing spots in Maine?
Dave: About a mile out from the Fort Point pier and just on the other side of the sandbar on Fort Point. Also Silver Lake in Bucksport, but only if you have a bass boat.

Jake: What are you mainly catching out there?
Dave: I’ve caught some bluefish, stripers, mackerel, and junkfish. Sharks are in there at certain times but it’s not easy to find them.

Jake: Just a few more and then both of us can get back to work.
Dave: Haha.

Jake: In a weeks time, how much alcohol would you say you consume? How many cigarettes do you smoke?
Dave: I quit smoking last august.
Jake: Oh, that’s news to me; congrats to you.
Dave: I drink about a thirty pack a week of 16 oz bottles, a fifth of crown royal, a fifth of apple pucker and a couple bottles of wine. Maybe some applejack and possibly a fifth of Jack Daniels thrown in there as well.
Jake: Jesus Christ, save some for the fish man.
Dave: That’s not a lot

Jake: Okay, here is the last sequence of retarded questions for my even more retarded blog that nobody reads…Use 3 words to describe Derek Madden.
Dave: Attention Deficit Disorder

Jake: Use 2 words to describe Hardcore music.
Dave: Today I would say…”pretty overrated”…But then again, all music is these days.

Jake: Use 1 word to describe life.
Dave: Sketchy.

*I don't know why towards the end everything went bold, I'm not an HTML dork so don't get your panties in a bundle.


Anna said…
I have a lot of time to waste, I would have read it all, but, I'm way to ADD to read something on a computer that is that long... hahah this is Chelse by the by.
Birkir said…
the three of us need to hang sometime. just be silent and then fill the air with questions, comments, statements or stories.

interesting read

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