This past week/Future plans

School started back up today.

These past 2 weeks of break have been pretty wild. I was supposed to have gone down to Boston to visit Karl and others but my van broke down on me making that trip close to impossible. Mike came back from military school about a week ago so we've been catching up and hanging out everyday. It always feels good to have that kid back for a while, he's like a brother to me.

This past week was loaded with parties, drunken handshakes, new acquaintances, jamming music all while finding the time to throw in a quality street fight. Not having my van the entire break was a kind of bummer. It stopped me from venturing out of here as much as I wished I could have. I guess this will only make the next trip that much more worth it.

We played "Murderfest III" in Harpswell a few days ago as well. The show was fun, we drove 2 hours to get there and there were about 15 kids in Meg's basement...Just the way I like it. Play It Safe, a new three piece band from Kingsfield opened up the gigger and they did a pretty good job. Then came Finished Business which was ridiculous as expected. People were bashing their heads on walls and each other which is always a good thing to see. Then I dressed up in my knight in shining armor suit and played guitar for Chains Of Man which went well. Then we did a Doldrums set...

I might even be able to say that this was one of my favorite sets we had ever played, I realized it had been too long since we had played so it was time to unleash. To me, there is nothing like putting myself in an alternate universe for a good solid 20 minutes so throughout the set I decided to do so. I won't lie, it felt good to start songs and turn around and see an army of Doldrums singing words with me, but WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU WHEN WE WERE AN ACTUAL BAND!!?? :). After 20 minutes of completely destroying myself I jumped on drums and Dan and I riffed out for a bit and the show was over. All in all it was a good show, kudos to Rick and Meg for both making it happen. Apparently there were some pictures taken and those may be developed soon? If they come I will post them up here.

I also have a new Nephew as of a couple days name yet.

Finish this semester at school and move straight down to Boston
Live in a closet space wherever Karl is staying
Get a job at Shaws and save up some $$
Go to shows, drink beer and start a band
Possible trip to Iceland/Europe w/Karl for 2 weeks
Eat good food, meet good people, live the life

Move back to the Bangor area and hunt for a one bedroom.
Move in with only my clothes, records, bed, amps and a guitar.
Get through another year of school.

That's it for now.


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