GRAILS [Oregon post-rock, psychadelic, current, instrumental]


This album is in the running for best of the year. Very dark and richly layered. A great mix of styles from modern post-rock, fusion styles and middle eastern music. With this release Grails continues to carve out their own individual sound, showing us all that they are a serious force to be reckoned with. This also gives fans a breath of fresh air when it comes to the usual post-rock we have become so used to listening to. Although the music has a dark and minor tone to it throughout, Grails always has a way of filling the listener with constructive and encouraging mentalities.


This album has a brighter sound and feel to it than the others. I noticed more ambiance and spacing in between riffs in these songs. Not as much as a densely layered mix as Doomsdayers or Take Refuge... but still has a nice full sound to it. More brightly written riffs, with a worldy vibe to them.


d. said…
can you re-up this one? thanks
d. said…
ha ha. just noticed there were 2 posts. i meant burden of hope. thanks anyway!

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