In Your Ear Records, Boston. + 2 Uploads.

Now that I'm in Boston I've had the chance to get to some record stores. I went into In Your Ear Records on Commonwealth Ave, about a 5 minute walk from my current apartment. Met the owner, Reid, and his employee Dave. We talked music for a while. Awesome store and cool staff. It reminds me of a larger scaled Dr.Records.

There were a few things that caught my eye, but since money is kind of tight I only left with 3 records:

Elvis Costello - Everyday I Write The Book, single (1983)
Focus - Moving Waves
Nova Mob - Admiral Of The Sea (feat. Grant Hart of Husker Du)

I feel the need to upload the Focus album, just because it is ridiculously awesome. So here are two albums. I've just discovered Yezda Urfa but have been listening to this Focus album for about a year now.

Yezda Urfa - Sacred Babboon (1988)

Complex compositions, fast pace, extremely intricate playing. A serious mind bender.
For fans of Yes, Gentle Giant, Focus, Camel and dare I say in a more modern sense, Mr.Bungle and Ween?

Focus - Moving Waves (1971, Sire Records)

Progressive Dutch band from 1970. Most known for the opening track Hocus Pocus this record is an essential to progressive-rock fans. Moving Waves is also another beautifully composed song. A must have.



Birkir said…
My dad made me listen to Moving Ways. This is so long ago I don't even recall how young I was. 4 or 5. But I'm glad he made me.
Punch the Clock is a weird album...the best songs are probably Everyday I Write the Book and Let Them Talk. Goodbye Cruel World is a stranger album still, have you heard it?
I have not. What sets it apart from the others?
jeremy said…
great blog! p/w for .rar ?
Anonymous said…
pass: (J+E)JTF

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