Friday, January 9, 2009

Jake Newcomb - Good Morning, Good Day, Good Night

So I've finished my first 'EP' of sorts and decided to release it online for free.


It would mean a lot of people were to check it out. Over a hair of 10 minutes of instrumental music brought to you from my bedroom. I feel pretty good about it being my first release. Check it out and spread it around if you feel so inclined. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

So into it. I wish you would have released it on cassette though. Oh well, I'll throw it on my pod.

Safe travels to you for tomorrow. We didn't end up having a party last night, either. I'll probably see you in Boston sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

Nice recording there. A bit loopy at first, reminded me of, well, my RC50 (or Jamman or Hazarai or DL4 or DD20 or Headrush -- I love loops).... But then it got to be more, um, *more*. Also, love the sound of the kick, sounds huge.
I really dig it, and while the comparison to Earth put me in mind of heavier stuff, I was not disappointed.
There were a few moments where it sounded like the meter got away from you, distortion not of the Hendrixian variety. Not a problem, just saying. All in all, a pleasant listen.
Thanks for sharing it, and for reminding me about that spirit factor.