Feels just like you're losing your mind...

Holy Sons - Decline Of The West

Haunting, personal and incredibly intimate songwriting. Emil Amos brings forward another 15 songs filled with loads of layering and hypnotizing riffs matched with desperate on-edge vocals that make it seem as if Amos was having a mental breakdown in the midst of his recording sessions.
With lines like "Creeping way down low, where nobody else goes, where no one came back alive. It feels just like you're losing your mind." and "Evil falling down from the sky, clouds parting, fingers pointing down again." Amos invites the listener into his eery and overly-imaginative world which is likely inspired by LSD flashbacks and insomnia.
His newest release is titled "Drifter's Sympathy" and is out on IMPORTANT RECORDS.

Here's a video released for the track Ferel Kid.

Holy Sons "The Feral Kid" from indie outlaw on Vimeo.

Side Note: Amos plays drums in two current bands, Grails and Om. Both worth checking out if you have yet to do so. Both of which are also previously featured on this blog. Get on it.


j said…
hey thanks for the holy sons record. I've been meaning to check this out for quite a while now, being a long standing fan of grails. Need to check out his new work with om as well, but haven't got around to it yet.
In response to another question, i like the blue album by baroness a great deal, also being a HUGE fucking fan of the red album, and i definitely think its a progression, and they are playing like fucking hell on this new album. Sounds a bit proggy, to me, but i've actually only listened a couple o' times, myself, but sounds pretty badass.
I grabbed yr first EP, eager to check it out. i'll stop back by and let you know what i think.
Rafael Zibordi said…
ohw! My favorite guy emil!! Holy Sons is great. Please, somebody could put Holy Sons criminal's return!!!!! thanks to post.
Lee said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lee said…
+1 for Criminal's Return.

if someone would be so kind...
I would post up Criminal's Return but I don't think it's been long enough since it's releases date to put up a download.
It is a GREAT record, probably his best, and you should order it @ Important Records' website!

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