Spouse - Nozomi


Well this album hits pretty close to home. Jose Ayerve (lead guitar/vocal), happens to be a great friend of my father. This album was playing in the background constantly throughout my childhood. I know practically every sound and guitar squeak on this one.
I used to see Jose perform frequently in Portland, Maine. A frail voice at times, but a powerful presence. Spouse is now located in the Boston area and still continue to play live and release music. I had the honor of selling their merch @ The Empire club last January where they headlined a gig.

More songs and show listings @: www.myspace.com/spouse

For fans of groups like Swervedriver, The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Pavement. Certainly worth getting into. Let me know by commenting if you'd like to hear more Spouse, as I have another album of theirs.


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