Claude Coleman steps out of Ween

After drumming for Ween for over 12 years, Claude Coleman has decided to take some time off. He states the following,

Friends & Associates,

I’m going to be taking a leave of absence, as it were, from the Ween thing for while. My
reasons are plentiful but it all comes down to simple re-prioritizing of life-stuff.

I’m going to be focusing more on Amandla – a new record and touring, as well as open
myself up to the chance to work with/for other folks that may come about; an experience
I’ve only had a few times outside of Ween.

So this email is to let anyone know as a drummer-for-hire I’m open, and would be quite
willing and available for just about anything – session or otherwise. I’m trying to get a word
out – so tell two friends or something.

cheers and best


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