Song Premier: Earth, 'Father Midnight' off of new record!

Listen to or Download: Father Midnight which is an 12 minute droner off of the upcoming release Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1 scheduled to be released on Southern Lord records February 7th.

NPR says: "it's all there, slow as syrup, heavier than a boulder strapped to your back."

...and I have to agree. Being a long-time Earth fan, I've been awaiting their new material for what feel like ages. The excellent use of spacial sound structure, dissonant harmonies and lingering tones that are found throughout the legendary The Bees Made Honey In the Lions Skull and Hibernaculum albums are certainly still prevalent and progressing within this new material.
Dylan Carlson's spacious, loopy and circular motifs continue to be prevalent in his songwriting, along with his dirty toned guitar riffs and excellent use of volume dynamics. Though these components to Earth's sound remain the same, a new element is now at play; cellist Lori Goldston (who famously played on Nirvana's Unplugged in New York), weeps away deep and somber undertones throughout the piece. There is no piano on this recording, which was an instrument that was used heavily in The Bees Made Honey...
The artwork which was created by Stacey Rozich of Seattle, is another thing worth noting about this release. You can view more of Rozich's work at Mystery Meats Blog.

NPR will be streaming the entire album on January 31st as part of their First Listen Series.

Make sure to tune in and vibe out.
A great beginning to the year!

-Jake/AO Blog


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