Michio Kurihara - Sunset Notes (2005, Pedal Records)

Michio Kurihara is a well-renounced guitarist in Japan's underground music scene. He's worked with heavy-rockers Boris and Ghost for several years and is also known for his earlier work in the band White Heaven. Kurihara has a unique style of playing, and creates captivating and mesmerizing compositions. His tones and soundscapes are his strongest skills as an artist. His compositions go from being minimalist and clean toned to distorted and fast-paced with cinematic themes. The production on this record is comparable to the awe-inspiring sounds found on OK Computer by Radiohead or Mahavishnu Orchestra's classic Birds Of Fire.

The CD remains instrumental with the exception of tracks Mind Waltzes and The Wind’s Twelve Quartets, which have soft female vocals that serve as good relaxing breaks from the other distorted action packed cinematic themes.
I got a chance to catch him play live with Boris in the summer of 2008 @ The Middle East Club, but I didn’t know anything about him at the time and made the poor decision of leaving the club mid-set (they played for over an hour and I was there to see TORCHE). Don’t let this slip through the cracks. This is a beautiful collection of songs.
Happy listening!

Track Listing:
1) Time To Go
2) Do Deep-Sea Fish Dream Of Electric Moles?
3) Mind Waltzes
4) Pendulum On A G-String - The Last Cicada
5) Canon In "C" (C Is For Cicada)
6) Twilight Mystery Of A Russian Cowboy
7) The Wind's Twelve Quarters
8) The Old Man And The Evening Star
9) A Boat Of Courage

Sunset Notes (2005)

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