AO Blog is looking for more contributors!

Approaching Oblivion Blog is looking for one or two people to help contribute to this blogzine on a regular basis. The applicant should have intense passion for music, art and media. They should get excited about writing music reviews, art reviews, covering current events, and even conducting interviews.

Though this blog is centrally themed around hardcore music, it should be known we are NOT limited to just that. In fact, we want to expand our horizons, but keep the reviews and interviews with musicians on an underground and independent level. This is a non-paying gig, since AO is completely non-profit and run by a poor college student (myself).

I'm looking for one or two people from the United States who are legitimately interested in doing regular contributions to this blogzine. Hopefully we can watch this blog grow and remain interesting. The Ian Mackaye and John Joseph interviews from this past summer, grew a lot of awareness about this blog, and we want to keep giving the people what they want.

Any interested parties should email: with a bit of information about themselves, why they want to contribute, what they can bring to the table and any possible examples of writing they have done in the past.

Looking forward to expanding this blog a bit more.




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