It's not pseudo-science! Sound waves effect your body and mind.

I study sound. It's what I'm enrolled in University for. Sound is a physical audible force that is caused by friction of air molecules. It has an attack (the birth of the sound), a sustain, a decay and a release (the death of a sound)...otherwise known as ASDR.

Each sound wave has a wavelength. The wavelength is the horizontal distance between any two successive equivalent points on the wave.

The frequency of a sound wave is measured in hertz. Hertz (Hz) indicate the number of cycles per second that the wave performs. The human ear typically hears sound ranging from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. It's said sound outside of that spectrum are more 'felt' than audible. It's fascinating to me. Before I ramble on way too much science mumbo jumbo - I'm going to get down to why I'm talking about all of this...

It is my personal belief that certain frequencies of sound can open different energy fields in the body. This video is a sine wave (pure wave) of supposedly a Pineal Gland activator. The pineal gland is responsible for your imagination, dreams, future visions, etc. It is also commonly known as the 3rd eye. It is located between the eyes and up towards the forehead. In some reptiles - it literally has it's own lens.

I recommend noise-cancelling headphones and a comfortable environment:



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