Vanishing Leper (Cold Vomit Records)

DFJ: We just released an LP on Cold Vomit. Definitely has some rocked out middle eastern influences (think Beatles Revolver era, George Harrison, Led Zep and early Doors) as well as some alternative and indie rock and pop thrown in there. Jordan Darby from Dry-Rot wrote the songs and did the guitars, sitar, bass and vocals while I played drums. Chris Corry recorded the drums, mixed the LP and played some guitar as well as writing the last song which is kind of a heavy improv jam, which borders more on the Randy Holden, Doors, Sabbath territory. It fits though. The way this project came together was pretty cool too because we have actually never jammed together as a band. Jordan lives out in California and sent me some mp3s of song ideas he had. I did my best to interpret the riffs he had and arrange song structures on drums. Once me and CC laid down the drums at the Paincave we sent Jordan the files and he put the music over it. I was pretty happy when I heard the finished product because it's surprisingly coherent and CC did an awesome job capturing the right vibe with the mix.


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